About Us


Our Mission

Just beyond our doors - in city and suburbs alike - there is a wondrous world of natural activity. Whether in a local forest, pond, or even the park at the end of the block, the cycle of life and the daily happenings of nature can delight a young child's unbridled curiosity all year round.

PUDDLESTOMPERS' mission is to connect the youngest naturalists, ages 2 to 8 (and their parents and caregivers) to the open spaces in their communities. By providing children and families with seeds of interest and tools of exploration, PUDDLESTOMPERS seeks to help build the foundation for a lifelong enjoyment, love of the outdoors, and a lasting stewardship of nature. A percentage of PUDDLESTOMPERS' revenues are given to the host towns to support local environmental education and/or conservation efforts. 


Our Programs

For over 14 years our experienced teacher naturalists have been exploring nature alongside children and their families. Our programs offer children and their families the opportunity to explore the mysteries and wonders of nature in a safe and nurturing environment. Our integrated environmental curriculum develops a wide range of skills such as observation, classification, color/number identification and life skills. Social skills also develop as children work as a group to ask and answer questions about plants, animals, and habitats. Children are encouraged to talk about their experiences and express themselves with art, music, active movement, and play. Our Programs include:


Our Locations

PUDDLESTOMPERS programming is offered throughout the Greater Boston Area. We partner with various schools, preschools, and Park and Recreation Departments in order to service as many different communities as possible. To see where our programs are offered, please visit our Locations page. Interested in hosting PUDDLESTOMPERS Nature Exploration programs in your school or town? Contact us to find out more information or to schedule a program to suit your needs! 


Our Team!

Rachel Rock, Founder and Co-President
Rachel grew up in a 55-acre arboretum in Philadelphia giving her an appreciation for the value of nature and the richness it brings to a child's life and imagination as an environment of play and exploration. Rachel graduated from Brown University and received a Masters degree from Johns Hopkins Unniversity. She has worked as a teacher, a nature camp counselor, and spent summers and school vacations working on a farm. Her delight in her own four children's discovery of nature inspired the creation of PUDDLESTOMPERS Nature Exploration.

Carol Milewich, Co-President
Carol has an expertise in financial analysis and planning. After receiving her MBA in Marketing and Finance from New York University, Carol worked in the broadcast industry as a financial manager for NBC TV and WBZ-TV. As an independent consultant, Carol worked on projects for Harvard University, WGBH, various local start-up companies, and established companies. She has also worked as a preschool substitute teacher. Carol comes from a family of small business owners and has two daughters with whom she enjoys hiking, biking, and exploring the seashore. Carol can be reached at: carol@puddlestompers.com.

Jesse Creedy Powers, Director of Operations/Lead Teacher
Jesse attended American University in Washington DC and earned her degree in Environmental Studies. She has been teaching environmental education for many years to students all over Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Jesse feels strongly about sharing her passion for the outdoors in the hopes of inspiring future generations to care for and appreciate the natural world. Jesse enjoys exploring new places, hiking and running! Jesse can be reached at: info@puddlestompers.com.

Melissa Roberts, Assistant Program Director/Lead Teacher
Melissa has enjoyed the outdoors since she was digging for worms and salamanders as a toddler in Connecticut. She continues to have a passion for educating children about the natural world as PUDDLESTOMPERS’ lead teacher and Assistant Program Director for over a decade. She spent 10 years as a teacher in social and behavioral development in Weston in addition to PUDDLESTOMPERS. When she is not teaching she can be found hiking, surfing, and exploring New England with her husband. Melissa can be reached at: melissa@puddlestompers.com.

Sara Feit, Manager of Operations/Lead Teacher
Sara has been in and around nature her whole life, from exploring the shoreline in Rhode Island as a child to swimming with turtles in Hawaii. She graduated from Brandeis University with degrees in Environmental Studies and Health Policy, and has been teaching ever since! She spent two summers working with PUDDLESTOMPERS as a Lead Teacher before becoming the Manager of Operations. If she's not teaching, you can find Sara exploring walking trails around Boston or attempting to catch frogs! Sara can be reached at: sara@puddlestompers.com.