Warren Recreation Center




Warren Recreation Center: 90 Washington Street, Wellesley MA

Located in the heart of Wellesley, the Warren Recreation Center backs up to the beautiful Crosstown Trail. The trail is ideal for bird watching and the large playing fields are perfect for active movement and enjoying lunch outside! The Recreation Center provides a wonderful indoor space for drop-off, pick-up and inclement weather. 

Things to Know

  • Offered for Explorers (Ages 3-6) 
  • Program runs from 9:00am-1:00pm
  • Please bring a NUT-FREE lunch
  • Mid-morning snack of Rold Gold pretzels will be provided
  • A Fla-Vor-Ice popsicle is given at the end of each day
  • Children MUST be potty-trained



Wellesley Summer 2018 Schedule


June 11 - 15

June 18 - 22

July 16 - 20

July 23 - 27

Weekly Theme

Growing, Growing, Grown!

Social Creatures

Nature's Mini Habitats

Noisy Nature


Learn how nature grows up! Investigate life both big and small.

Explore animals that love to be together!

Discover mini habitats in nature with their own weather systems!

Follow your ears and uncover what is buzzing around you!


Children MUST be potty trained in order to attend this program.

Registration for this program is done through the Wellesley Recreation Department and therefore subject to their policies and procedures. You can view the Wellesley Recreation website for more information or call them at (781) 235 - 2370 for questions about registration.