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Enhance and reinforce your science curriculum with PUDDLESTOMPERS guided nature explorations! Our engaging, hands-on programs connect preschool and grade school aged students to the natural world all year round. As children interact first hand with the wonders of nature, they develop a deeper understanding of scientific concepts and make independent discoveries in nature. Our lesson topics span all seasons and are designed to highlight the ongoing cycles of nature. Each of our many programs are designed to be accessible and tailored to the developmental needs of the children. For each program, we provide a take-home handout that includes: factual information, a list of books, exploration and project activities, and online resources related to the theme in order to extend learning into the home.

Whether it is a one time enrichment to highlight a special topic, or a regular part of your enrichment offerings, PUDDLESTOMPERS can customize our programs to suit the needs of your group. Program location, structure, length, activities, and topics can all be adjusted to create the best lesson for your young explorers!

Things to Know

  • For children ages 2 - 5+

  • Minimum of a 1 hour visit

  • Classes can be as short as 15 minutes or as long as 1 hour

  • Classes are held on preschool or school grounds

  • Programs can be held exclusively outdoors or can be designed to use an indoor space as well (season dependent)

  • Maximum of 20 children per class

  • All of our lessons correlate with the Massachusetts Curriculum Standards


Recommended Timing 


Toddlers (2 - 2.9 year olds)

15 - 20 minutes


Young Preschool (3 - 4 year olds)

20 - 35 minutes


Preschoolers (4 - 5 year olds)

30 - 45 minutes


PreK - 2nd Grade (5+ year olds)

45 - 60 minutes

Sample Schedule


5 minutes: Puppet Hello

10-15 minutes: Explanation of lesson theme (pictures, specimens, etc.)

10-15 minutes: Exploration, imaginative play, active movement, or games

5 minutes: Rain Song

5 minutes: Stamps & handouts


Sample Topics

Fall: Squirrels, Chipmunks, Life Under the Leaves, Migration
Winter: Paws & Claws, Hibernation, Foxes, Owls, Camouflage in Winter
Spring: Seed Growth, Pollination, Spring Migration, Woodchucks, Birds: Nesting, Worms
Summer: Metamorphosis, Flowers, Hummingbirds, Ladybugs, Turtles

To see a full list of all of our lessons, please visit our STEM-based Curriculum page. 


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