Frequently Asked Questions


What is the required health form?

All health forms (to be submitted to must be a full physical, performed within 18 months, and a full immunization record. We ask that you please provide any pertinent allergy information, action plans, or other health information with these forms as well. These health forms must be submitted before June 1st, or upon registration.

Do you offer extended day?

Yes! Early drop-off and extended day is available in all of our Newton locations.

  • Early drop-off: 8:30-9:00am, $9/day/child

  • Extended day: 1:00-3:00pm, $36/day/child

Advance registration is required. At least 1 week advance notice is required when registering online. If registering for extended day or early drop off less then a week before you must speak to PUDDLESTOMPERS staff first, or email us at

What is the difference between the Explorer and Hiker group?

Our Hikers (ages 6-8) are given a bit more responsibility and an advanced science curriculum, while our Explorers (ages 3-6) receive more guidance and support.

What is your student-to-teacher ratio?

PUDDLESTOMPERS offers a personal, close-knit experience, limiting registration to 15-20 campers per age range each week and maintaining a low student-to-teacher ratio. Children spend time in different age groups for in-depth exploration and all together for active movement and games.

  • Explorers: 5-1 student-to-teacher ratio, maximum of 20 kids

  • Hikers: 8-1 student-to-teacher ratio, maximum of 16 kids

Do children need to be potty-trained?

Yes. We require that all children be potty trained for drop-off programs. Please see our Policy Page for more information! Please note that this policy does not apply to programs with adults, such as our Child/Adult classes or Habitat classes.

What happens in inclement weather?

At all of our sites, we have indoor locations available.  We will make every attempt to get outside (safety permitting) during the day so please come prepared! There's a lot to explore out there - even in the rain! 

What about natural risks such as ticks and poison ivy?

Natural risks are a part of any sort of nature exploration, and we take precautions at all of our programs to avoid both tick and poison ivy exposure.  All of our summer programs include the "Tick Check Song" as a part of the daily routine, as well as avoid areas with high tick density.  We highly recommend each child coming to programs with both sunscreen and bug repellent already on.  At home, you can check in all 'warm spots'; under the arms, on the neck, ears, hair, behind knees and between legs once every 24 hours.  
Poison ivy, while also a risk, is more easily avoidable.  All PUDDLESTOMPERS staff is able to identify poison ivy, and will point it out to the group at large and help with easy identification.  Poison ivy can be avoided by making sure not to come in contact with the plant (or anything touching it).  If contact is made, immediately wash the area with soap and water and monitor for a rash for the next 7 days.  
You can find more information on all natural risks here, or contact us with further questions.     

My child falls between the two age groups. Which group should s/he be in?

It is up to you! We suggest placing your child in the group they would be most comfortable in. If one group doesn’t work out, they can change to the other.

My child has health concerns.  How can you accommodate them?

All of our programs and sites are nut-free. For programs where we provide a snack, we welcome necessary substitutions for health reasons. If your child requires an EpiPen or other emergency medication, our teachers will keep it nearby at all times.

Can I register for just some days of the week?

Our Summer Drop-Off program registration is on a weekly basis. You must sign up for the full week.

How can I contact my child's teacher on the day of or during their program?

If you need to contact us on the day of or during your child's program, please contact the office, 617-527-2000. If you do not get anyone at the office, you can contact your Lead Teacher. Their cell phone number, along with additional information, will provided to you before the start of your child's program.

What is your cancellation and refund policy?

Before March 1st, summer program fees are refundable minus a $100 processing fee per child. After March 1st, all summer program fees are non-refundable. A full credit, minus a $25 processing fee, will be given to families who cancel in writing at least 3 weeks before the start of your child's program. Please view our full list of policies before registering for your program. 


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