Refunds and Cancellations

Potty training Policy: 

  • All children attending drop-off programs MUST be potty trained and able to independently use the facilities.
  • Due to health safety and regulations, if your child is not potty trained and attends a drop-off program, PUDDLESTOMPERS reserves the right to cancel your registration without reimbursement.

Changes in enrollment:

  • We will do our best to accommodate changes in enrollment.
  • All requests for changes must be confirmed in writing.
  • Changes in enrollment are dependent on availability.
  • PUDDLESTOMPERS reserves the right to cancel or postpone classes in the case of low enrollment. If PUDDLESTOMPERS cancels a class, you will be issued a full refund. 

Weekly drop-off Summer Program Refund Policy:

  • Before March 1st, summer program fees are refundable minus a $100 processing fee per child.
  • After March 1st, all summer program fees are non-refundable.

Refund and Cancellation Policy:

  • No refunds are given for any of our programs (excluding our weekly drop-off summer program if done before March 1st).
  • No refunds are given during a program if a participant is sick, fails to attend, is absent, or is dismissed due to unsafe behavior (please see Unsafe Behavior Policy section).
  • A full credit, minus a $25 processing fee per program, will be given to families who cancel in writing at least 3 weeks before  the start of their program. This credit will expire one year from the date it was issued. This credit cannot be used towards birthday parties.  
  • PUDDLESTOMPERS reserves the right to cancel or postpone classes in the case of low enrollment. If PUDDLESTOMPERS cancels a class, you will be issued a full refund. 

Behavior Policy:

In order to maintain a safe space for your child and other children enrolled in PUDDLESTOMPERS programs, we follow strict behavioral guidelines. If any issues arise during a program, our PUDDLESTOMPERS staff are trained to mitigate any unsafe behaviors with positive reinforcement, redirection, and clear expectations. We will make sure to notify the parent/caregiver which may include a non-refundable cancellation of the remaining registration and/or an immediate pick-up from the program. Unsafe behaviors include, but are not limited to: hitting, biting, leaving the group, or threatening behavior. 

We do require that if a participant has a full-time aide during the regular school year, they also have an aide (to be furbished by the family) during any drop-off PUDDLESTOMPERS program.  We are happy to accommodate any aide, but do require notification of said aide upon registration. This is in order to maintain our ratio and for the safety of all attending children.  

Late Pick-Up Policy:

  • Late pick-up from a drop-off program is subject to a $25 late pick-up fee. This fee applies to both regular programming and extended day.
  • Late pick-up fees will be fully enforced for each incident after 1 (one) written or verbal warning.

Wellesley, Wayland, Lincoln, Concord, and Lexington Registration

All Wellesley, Wayland, Lincoln, Concord, and Lexington programs are operated through their recreation departments. Therefore, classes are subject to their specific pricing, policies, and procedures. To view their policies, please visit their individual Recreation Department sites. 

Early Drop-off and Extended Day

Early drop-off (8:30am) and extended day (1:00-3:00pm) are available on a daily basis at our Newton locations (PUDDLESTOMPERS Nature Center, Nahanton Park Nature Center, Auburndale Cove, and Temple Beth Avodah).  You can register online up to a week before the start of your program. If you would like to register for extended day or early drop-off less than a week before the start of your program, you must speak to PUDDLESTOMPERS staff first. You can call us at (617) 527-2000 or email us at info@puddlestompers.com. 

Inclement Weather

PUDDLESTOMPERS makes every attempt to explore outdoor, no matter the weather. Please always come prepared with weather-appropriate clothing!

  • In case of extreme weather, PUDDLESTOMPERS follows the local school district. If school is cancelled, PUDDLESTOMPERS classes will also be canceled.
  • For weekly Child/Adult classes, in the case of inclement weather class will be moved to your indoor location. Please check the weather line after 8:30am on the morning of your class to see if it has been moved inside. The number for the weather line is: (617) 527-2000 ex.2